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Food Safety Summit 2007 – Supply Chain Safety and Quality

Guarantee Your Success, Don’t Just Document Failure 

How to use SPC to manage your supply chain to maximize food safety, quality and profit while reducing risk. 

Jeffery Cawley, VP Market Development, Northwest Analytical, Inc.

John G. Surak, Surak & Associates, Professor emeritus, Clemson University  

From ground beef to spinach, we have seen the huge downside of supply chain safety and quality failures.  Food processors are faced with the continuing challenges of maximizing food safety while reducing production costs by improving throughput, product yields, and process efficiencies.  One effective strategy is to improve the performance of the supply chain.   Many customers now mandate their suppliers implement Statistical Process Control (SPC) programs.  These programs provide the results of improved food quality and safety while decreasing purchasing costs.  Suppliers and customers will not see financial benefits from SPC implementation, if the suppliers feel that all they required to do is to ship control charts and histograms with the raw product.  However, all members of the supply chain can receive large financial and risk reduction benefits if the suppliers actively embrace SPC.   The session examines how simple SPC tools provide the means to develop a detailed understanding of process performance.  Case studies will examine the role of SPC and Process Capability Analysis to select and certify vendors, monitor lot acceptance and improve food safety performance.

Slides – FSS 2007 – Guarantee Your Success, Don’t Just Document Failure

               FSS 2007 – Part 2 – Applications of SPC

Screencast –

Part 1
<font face=”Arial[splashcast HNKL3675BV]
Part 2

[splashcast RHUP6945CC]


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