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“Roaches, Mold, Slime, Oh My ” – Salmonella at Peanut Corp of America

With apologies to Dorothy in OZ (Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh my), the FDA  site inspectors apear to have encountered as unbelievable a situation at Peanut Corp of America. http://www.fda.gov/ora/frequent/483s/r_ATL-DO_PCA_Blakely_GA_Form_FDA_483_dtd_Jan_09-27_2009.pdf

Not only was the plant a catastrophe of flagrant health and GMP violations, but a dozen positive salmonella tests had been skirted and known bad product shipped.
PCA is a case study as to why food processors need to establish competent vendor certification ans supply chain quality/safety management systems that include initial product/process specification, vendor audit and certification followed by ongoing audit and HACCP + quality program reporting. The national school program purchasing system is a good case in point of a successful program.  See:  www.nwasoft.com/appnotes/feastfamine.htm

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