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GFSI Compliant Food Safety Management Systems Webinars Now Available


Webinars investigate how food processors successfully deploy and use ISO22000 and GFSI compliant systems to enable quality operations and safe food. 

Commercial standards such as the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and ISO22000 dramatically shape how food processors run their operations.  Implementing a food safety management system compliant with these audits and standards is essential for market success. The Northwest Analytical webinar series, The Compliant FSMS enables food-industry management to design reasonable strategies to comply with these requirements and dependably produce safe food while protecting the company’s brand.

Four webinar recordings are now available:

1. Comprehensive Strategies to Protect Your Brand

David Acheson, M.D., Managing Director Food and Import Safety Practice, Leavitt Partners

Dr. David Acheson began the series with his insights into the food industry regulatory and commercial landscape. In his talk he:

  • Discussed the current pressures and challenges facing the food industry
  • Defined the changes from a regulatory and congressional perspective
  • Discussed the status and implications of pending US food safety legislation
  • Provided insights into future trends
  • Presented a forward looking strategy for brand protection.

2. Building a Corporate Food Safety Culture

John G. Surak, Ph.D., Surak and Associates

Building a culture for food safety starts with top management developing a strong commitment for food safety. In this webinar, Dr. Surak focused on using the elements of ISO 22000 to accomplish the following:

  • Linking the food safety management system to the corporate business system
  • Linking the quality policy to the corporate culture
  • Developing effective food safety objectives
  • Increasing the effectiveness of management review

3. Process Improvement with GFSI Compliant Management Systems

Tatiana A. Lorca, Ph.D., Manager of Food Supply Quality Assurance, EcoSure

Dr. Tatiana Lorca discussed the Global Food Safety Initiative and how their benchmark and recognition process drives improvement and cost efficiency. Topics presented:

  • What is the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)?
  • How the benchmark and recognition process drives improvement and cost efficiency across the food supply chain
  • How the GFSI requirements incorporate the principles of the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle into the recognized programs and thus help drive improvement within a certified business
  • Four of the most widely used food safety management systems (SQF, BRC, FSSC and IFS) and their requirements highlighted from a process improvement perspective

4. Increase Food Safety, Reduce Risk, and Achieve Operational Effectiveness and Compliance

Deborah Kacera, Industry Solutions Director, Pilgrim Software

Deborah Kacera discussed how following the process requirements of the GFSI schemes yield analytics that foster growth and compliance and support:

  • Management Reviews
  • Supplier Performance Inputs and Ratings
  • Decision-making based on predictive actionable intelligence
  • Feedback into your Food Product Design and HACCP Plans

All four webinar recordings are available for immediate viewing at: http://www.nwasoft.com/FSMSWebinars.htm .


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