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Food Safety Audits for Food Container Manufacturers- Recorded Webinar

Major food retailers require food processors to certify their food safety management systems under Global Food Safety Initiative recognized audits. This increasingly has led food processors to extend food safety audit demands to their vendors and require their packaging suppliers to demonstrate viable audited HACCP programs.

How can packaging vendors comply? On March 29, Allen Sayler, VP of Food Safety, Technology & Regulatory Solutions at H. Randolph Associates, Inc.,  discussed GFSI audit schemas and SQF in particular as they pertain to plastic and paperboard food container manufacturing. The presentation topics include:

  • HACCP – Applicability to the Food Packaging Industry
  • GFSI – Concept for the Future
  • SQF
    • The Whys for the Food Packaging Industry
    • Technical Implementation Details for the Food Packaging Industry
    • Food Safety – Due Diligence for the Food Packaging Industry

The slides and the recorded presentation are available at: http://www.nwasoft.com/PACKwebinar1.htm .


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