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Food Safety Webinar – How to Apply Analytics to Audits for Process Improvement

On Thursday December 15 at 11 AM PST, 2 PM PST, John Surak will present the webinr, “Applying Process-based Analytics to Audit Results for Process Management and Improvement” .

Operational audits and inspections play a critical role in assuring the effectiveness of the Food Safety Management System (FSMS). But that’s merely Step One.

Step Two and beyond involve leveraging the results from these audits to maximize value and effectiveness for process management and improvement by identifying the key process indicators, assessing them for trends, and taking action before a food-safety incident occurs. 

How to Use Audits for Process Improvement

The proper linkage and operation of the FSMS components enables successful certification audits. Additionally, it bolsters the view by Senior Management and other stakeholders that the plant has a robust food-safety management system in place.  By applying process-based analytics, management can continuously monitor the FSMS performance, improve compliance and reduce risk to the company.

The webinar will examine the data available in audits and pre-requisite program inspections and how applying analytics such as SPC can extract useful process management information. This method provides actionable feedback on the manufacturing processes and establishes a solid foundation for process management and continuous improvement. You can change audits from an unpleasant necessity to a positive contributor to your performance and bottom line.

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