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Integrating HACCP and SPC – Revisiting the Classic

FoodSafetyTech is now live. Rick Biros and his crew at Innovative Publishing have put together what promises to be an interesting and useful food safety/quality virtual magazine and associated conferences. John and I are contributors and in addition to new material, we are reposting early articles of ours that we think are milestones in developing the thought process for process based food safety and quality.

The first classic is a study, “Integrating HACCP and SPC” we initially published in Food Quality Magazine, May 1998 with another version published as Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service EB 152, September 1998. The line of thinking developed in this study has had a significant impact on the development of modern Food Safety Management Systems. John Surak has long been a strong proponent of the role process management in food safety management systems. This is reflected in his contributions to the ISO 22000 standard.

Visit FoodSafetyTech and give your feedback to Rick and Sangita.